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Pixel Perfect Probing

for macOS 10.12 and newer

Efficient by Default & Highly Customizable

Loupe provides a magnified view of what’s on-screen under your mouse cursor — designed from the start to be easy on your computer while also being feature rich. Whether you’re a graphic designer needing to inspect artwork, or a developer trying to align UI elements, Loupe can help at a moment’s notice to give you a closer look.

New with version 1.2 is the fully custom, versatile color picker. With a color palette of unlimited size to store your favorite colors (or just the ones you’re working with now), a color mixer for making the perfect blend of colors, and even a customizable set of color harmonies that help you find just the right color palette — Loupe’s new color picker is sure to become the next indispensable tool in your toolkit.

Screenshot of multi-monitor support

Full Multi-Monitor Support

Seamlessly track the mouse between high and low resolution (Retina and non-Retina) displays attached to the same computer for fast and accurate comparisons.

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Screenshot of the color editor

Versatile Color Picker

Create colors in multiple formats, mix them together, save them for later, and discover what colors work harmoniously with them.

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Screenshot of a selected region

Measurements & Selections

Measure sizes and distances by creating measured selections in a variety of units, and even copy the pixels that are selected.

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Screenshot of customizing a color format

Customizable Color Formats

Inspect and copy color values in whatever format best suits your needs by easily telling Loupe how to display the values.

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