Privacy Policy


In short, we do not want any of your data, so please do not give it to us.

Whenever possible, we strongly prefer not to receive any personal data from you, either in anonymized aggregate form or in personally identifying form.

If we receive any of your information, such as your email address when you contact us, we will never collect and store it for any reason. Any emails you send to us will be read (and possibly replied to) and then summarily deleted. None of your data, information, or personal details will ever be collected and/or compiled into a list to be sold or shared with anyone or any organization for any reason.

Email & Support

Whenever you contact us, whether through email or a contact form, we read your message, make any necessary notes on the content of the message (such as bug details or requested features), possibly reply if needed, and then permanently delete the message.

At no point is your name, email address, or any other bit of personal data archived, kept as part of our notes, or compiled into a database or list of any sort.

Analytics & Logging

We do not perform any data analytics and therefore do not record any data for such usage.

We sometimes collect server logs (for debugging purposes when needed) that record the date, client request, and server’s response. However, no personally identifying information (such as an IP address) is recorded.

Screen Recording

As a screen magnifier, Loupe asks for screen recording permission on macOS 10.15 and later, which is necessary to be able to capture anything on your screen other than Loupe’s windows. The images of your screen that are captured are kept only long enough to draw them back to your screen in a magnified form. At no point are the captured images written to disk or transmitted in any way over any network connection, either local or the Internet.


By meaningfully interacting with our website, our apps, or by contacting us, you consent to our privacy policy.

Change History

Over time, this privacy policy may change to include policies for new products or services not previously handled, or receive minor edits for clarity. The core tenants, however, will always remain the same: we don’t want your data.

The most up-to-date policy will always be available here, and a summary of changes will be documented below.

2023-04-08Simplified some wording, clarifying the intent.
2020-10-31Added the section “Screen Recording”.
2020-07-14First published.